EVERY djblesOne BBOY/BGIRL MIXTAPE 1996-2006

EVERY djblesOne BBOY/BGIRL MIXTAPE 1996-2006

A decade bboying, djing, digging, remixing, skratching, battling & traveling the world… Every one of my bboy/bgirl mixtapes from 1996-2006 up for free download & stream: http://soundcloud.com/djblesone/tracks …enjoy & destroy

I’m releasing all my djblesOne BBOY/BGIRL mixtapes in their original entirety on my http://soundcloud.com/djblesone ! Because we just finished our new DON’T TALK TO THE COPS! album: “Let’s Quit” (coming soon!) So I want to start giving everyone the some of the history behind the bboy of the crew that led to DtttC! starting with grimey cassette mixtapes from 1996 & on… The first wave is the BBOY/BGIRL mixtapes that I made for dancers around the world. These were the training grounds for DtttC!’s style of production & vibe to make you move! They’re heavy in digging, skratching & different samples, always on a mission to find new music to get down to, now we’re trying to make that new music to get down to with DtttC! Here we go…