LDJ feat. Jim Jones & Reddbone – DA BASELINE VIDEO also starring REDMAN

by mashhall

Why do we love this song? Orrr at least this video?

First, the beat. LDJ doesn’t mind getting a some massive dubstep pressure (sorry) into his goony weed-carrier rap, and that’s awesome. The whole song is named after the song’s most redeeming feature. Second, the Facebook-audition video chicks; that shit is the best, and I mean that. Third, Jones is half asleep and still moving, which you have to admire. Sometimes I wonder if he’s straight smoking that brown or sum, dude is maad sleepy when he does these half-shitty local-rapper videos. Fourth, Reddbone. Little nigga this a flow, whoo that’s GREAT. Again, no irony. In rap I truly feel that there really exists a plane where “terrible in an awesome way” exists, and should be celebrated. I mean, would the Group Home LP have been better if Malachi the Nutcracker had been like, Jeru or something? Well, it doesn’t matter, cuz it didn’t happen like that. So, you’re stuck with Reddbone and her whole Jesse Spano on speed vibe. Lastly, totally extraneous Redman presence. How could you ever be mad at that? h/t Cocaine Blunts of course.