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Genius: They Live!
by Eric Grandy Tue, Nov 10, 2009

This Friday the Stranger is hosting its annual Genius Awards Party at the historic Moore Theatre. There’s no award for musical genius, but every year we get some outstanding acts to entertain the official brainiacs, runners-up, and hangers-on. This year the line-up includes indie-pop smarty-pantses Throw Me the Statue, hiphop cut-ups They Live!, chillwave up&comers USF, and soulful collectors/selectors Emerald City Soul Club.

Humor has been a part of hip hop for decades (see: Run DMC, Biz Markie, Flavor Flav, the Fat Boys, the Fresh Prince, etc, etc.), and local duo They Live! are proud bearers of that tradition. They’re also, like the genre’s jokers before them, serious business. MCs “Bruce Illest” and “Dro-Boy” (aka DJ Bles One and MC Gatsby [double aka Stranger hip hop columnist Larry Mizell Jr.]) are learned, limber rappers, even if they’re taking on hammy, herb-addled roles. Bles One’s productions for the group are equally split between serious, cold-toking beats and ADD-paced late-night TV channel-surfing for funny samples. They’re routinely joined onstage by their breakdancing secret weapon, Chase—making They Live! a multi-disciplinary act of (unofficial) Genius.

The Stranger Genius Awards Party happens Friday, November 13th at the Moore Theatre, w/ Throw Me the Statue, They Live!, USF (Universal Studios Florida), and Emerald City Soul Club, $5, 8pm, 21+