Dirty Projectors- “Stillness Is The Move”

by mashhall

I can’t say I’ve slept on Dirty Projectors– I’ve got two of their records, The Getty Address and their reimagining of Black Flag’s Damaged– I’ve just found Dave Longstreth kind of interesting but pretentious as hell; really, i think I couldn’t get into one of my alltime desert island albums, a masterpiece of testosterone, becoming all filmy and gauzy.

But this shit right here- this shit right here, nigga? Is the JAM. It is, as my man JZ said, like a mashup of Mariah Carey and Scritti Politti. I’m sure Kid Cudi or G-Side will be rapping on it any minute now. Or maybe or favorite Mash Hall superstar producer will hook it up…hint.

(hella ganked from MOM)