by mashhall

-“This weekend smells like autumn. But if you point your nose in just the right direction, you’ll smell something a little brinier, a little boozier; you will catch a whiff of some of Seattle’s most creative hiphop, a scent emanating tonight from the High Dive (Grayskul/Champagne Champagne) and at the Rendezvous (They Live!/Fatal Lucciauno) for “The Corner.” It’s your call where you fork over your cash, but either way you’re going to be in the company of Seattle-drenched hiphop greatness.

We’ve written about Grayskul many a time, and here’s Larry Mizell Jr.’s take in the Stranger on Champagne^2: “an arty, ass-shaking house-party-friendly cocktail…that makes all the hipster ladies dance.”

Grayskul and Champagne Champagne play fairly regularly around town, though, so Seattlest is heading to Belltown for what promises to be a brain-smashingly excellent night at the Rendezvous with They Live! and Fatal Lucciauno.

A word on They Live!: it’s Gatsby of Cancer Rising and Bruce Illest (aka DJ Bles One) of Massive Monkees and Mash Hall, performing the hilarious stoner epic “Dro Bots Saga.” This 18-minute concept composition made the rounds on the internet awhile ago, but in case you missed it, you can download the clever original Saga here and the addictive instrumental version here. “You don’t want this shit,” it starts out, but we’re telling you firmly: yes, yes you do want this shit.

You also want to experience Fatal Lucciauno, and just trust us on this one, so the Rendezvous is not at all a bad choice for your Friday night. Monthly hiphop night “The Corner” is a steal for $5, too. See you tonight!”

-by KATELYN from